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April 7, 2020

Colloidal Silver "Make It Yourself" Generator Kit

Colloidal Silver can be A Truly Amazing tool for your Crud Fighting Home Kit!
Please read the educational article I posted for Why You Want This In Your Home Now!
With your own generator, You Can:
Make many gallons of colloidal silver at home easily with this kit.
Make it at home.
Make it when it's convenient.
Make it when you need it.
Use it for your whole family.
Use it for your pets.
Use it as a cleaning and disinfecting aid.
Share it with your friends.
Save Lots of Money! (vs buying it pre-made in stores for $1 to $5+ per oz)

Kit includes:
Everything you need to make gallons of colloidal silver at your desired potency.
Plus instructions & research information on why this truly is "a natural alternative to antibiotics"
All you need is distilled water to get started!

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